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The Snowstorm

CD 1: Georgi Sviridov – The Snowstorm, musical illustrations of the story by Alexandr Pushkin. Arranged for bayan and performed by Oleg Lysenko.

1. Troika 2. Waltz 3. Spring and Autumn 4. Romance 5. Pastoral 6. Military March 7. Marriage 8. Echoes of Waltz 9. Winter road

CD 2: Alexandr Pushkin – The Snowstorm, translated into Dutch and narrated by Hans Boland. With musical illustrations by Georgi Sviridov, performed on bayan by Oleg Lysenko.
Arrangement and performance: Oleg Lysenko
Translation into Dutch and narration: Hans Boland

€20,- each


1. Victor Vlasov – Five Views on the Land of the Gulag Archipelago 2. Vladislav Zolotarjov – Chamber Suite 3. Alexander Nagajev – Sonata 1, Opus 13 4. Igor Stravinsky – Tango

€15,- each


1. A Vivaldi – Concerto in A Minor part I for two violins and orchestra RV522 op III 2. Jean-Bat. Lully – Tender aria 3. L. Daquin – Cuckoo 4. D. Scarlatti – Sonate F Major K. 107: L. 474 5. Joh. Seb. Bach – Prelude and fugue No. XVIII G sharp minor from Klavier II volume 6. Johann Pachelbel – Ciacona D minor for Organ 7. Frederic Chopin – Nocturne C sharp minor No. 20 8. A. Biloshitskiy – Spanish dance 9. A. Novikov – Variation of Ukrainian song 10. V. Monty – Czardash 11. G.H. Matos Rodriguez – Tango La Cumparsita 12. Astor Piazolla – Libertango 13. Zoltan Myhovych – Awakening

€15,- each

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